Making precious metal for jewelry

Here are some of the ways the gold you wear is created from pure gold. Each manufacturer has their only little brew, but the following gives you a idea of some of the things that can be in gold that messes with you

Normal 14K White Gold

58.3% fine gold
23% copper
11% nickel
7.7% zinc

Normal 18K White gold

75% fine gold
10 % copper
8% nickel
4.5% zinc
2.5% silver.

14kt White Gold – Palladium Alloy
58.33% pure yellow gold (AU)
32.17% silver (Ag)
9.50% palladium (Pd)

18kt White Gold – Palladium Alloy
75% pure yellow gold (AU)
25% palladium or platinum

14K Yellow Gold
58.5% fine gold
29% copper
12.5% fine silver

18K Yellow Gold
75% fine gold
15% copper
10% fine silver

14kt Rose gold
58% gold
32% copper
10% silver

18kt Rose gold
75% gold
22.25% copper
2.75% silver





So this gives you a little “Insider Info” on we as jewelers think when we hear “I am allergic to gold”

I’ll write more about nickel allergies and other goodies about metal but this gives you a few things to think about if your finger is turning red, breaking out in a rash or whatever before you think it’s your ring.