Hey, why do you want a Cheap ring?

Jewelry and the American Sportsman

So, alternative metals and alternative designs are the rage with Sports people.

Most outdoors people are all about US made. BUt they still want a cheap ring. Why? Is that all you can afford? I get that. I have lived paycheck to paycheck...Still do

Almost daily, I get asked about making a design of mine in stainless…Why is that? I admit that there are a few people making alternative metals in the US, but I have to ask why alternative metals? They do cost less but a lot of the crap you see is made in China, India or someplace

Is it because they last longer? That makes me laugh. Our ancestors that worked their asses off, got married with gold. Our forefathers that moved west were wearing gold. Do you really think you are more abusive to a ring than someone with a plow behind a mule or in a wagon headed west?

Oh, you are allergic? Wash your hands, clean underneath your ring once in a while

Here’s my thought. Get married with gold. It lasts if it’s made by someone that knows what they are doing.