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Tire Tread Rings

I feature tire tread rings created from most tread designs.

I make my tire tread rings from precioust metals, Sterling Silver, 10k Gold, 14k Gold, Palladium and Platinum.

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Hey, why do you want a Cheap ring?
Alternative Metals, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Almost daily someone asks, “Can You Make It in Stainless?”So, why stainless? Damned if I know
Making precious metal for jewelry
Here are some of the ways the gold you wear is created from pure gold. Each manufacturer has their only little brew, but the following gives you a idea of some of the things that can be in gold that messes with you
 Why Does Custom Jewelry Take So Long?
When a manufacturer creates a piece of jewelry for mass production, they go through a process of concept, design, create a sample, modify the sample if needed, create a mold, create a master model, then make multiple waxes from the mold. All of that is done before the first piece is created for a client. Then they can make a thousand from all that setup and work.
Your Chain Is Way More Expensive
So why does one 5mm rope chain cost 3 times more than another? Hmm, you have to love a sale, right? C’mon, really? Are you that gullible? We’re talking gold here. Uhmmm it’s a traded commodity. Do you really think one person is going to sell a half ounce of gold for less than another person? Nice fantasy.
Custom Jewelry-How Is It made?
How it was made but like anything I have written and will write, here is my opinion.So, what makes a piece of jewelry custom? Damned if I know and I’ve been doing this for a lot of years and still don’t know what people think custom is. But I think it is a piece that is created for a person, conceived from discussions and planning between myself and a client. BUT, I need to make it, Now I may not cast it (I admit I really suck at that) but I am going to make it. Admittedly to be custom it does not have to be made by the designer.
Why Is My White Gold Turning Yellow?
Ahh, one of the most asked questions in the jewelry industry. Why doesn’t my white gold look white anymore?Well, folks, gold comes out of the ground yellow…very yellow. There is no such thing as white gold unless we transform yellow gold into white. Silver, Platinum, and Palladium come out of the ground white. Sorry ladies, there is no white gold.
Why Does My Ring Turn My Finger Black?
Oh man, I wonder how many times I’ve heard this in all the years of retail.First let me tell you. Gold does not turn your finger colors. The alloys that makes up the finished gold, the environment, your makeup, medicine, what you eat, how it fits your finger and your hygiene (Yup, I’ll say it).

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